We will advise you to help you with your project’s originality. We offer a wide range of exterior and interior paint colors, materials and accessories that will make your project unique, to your own taste. The examples below show the options most commonly chosen by our Clients but we will adapt to your requirements.

Outdoor finish:

  • Aluminum composite panel: a very durable and modern finish. Colors depending on availability.
  • Bamboo weaving for a traditional touch.
  • Fibercement paneling with weather resistant painting. Different design and set up available. A good alternative to wood.
  • Wooden cladding that can be either painted, varnished or traditionally treated. A luxury option. The wood is kiln dried – like every piece of wooden material used in our modules.

Wall finishes:

  • Wall premium painting with odour-less or heavy-duty washable options. The paints we use have zero or very low volatile organic compounds (VOC) for an healthy environment. Colors subject to our supplier’s availability.
  • Aluminum lining: gives a modern touch to the interior.
  • Teak Wood lining. A traditional look.
  • Stainless steel lining. Our premium wall lining option.

  • Standard Vinyl with various thicknesses, designs and technical features (such as fall proof or water resistant) to match your budget.
  • Anti-slip aluminium plates: a ultra heavy-duty industrial option.
  • Carpet
  • High quality patterned vinyl 4mm thick with an extremely realistic wooden texture. Colors subject to our supplier’s availability.
  • Tiles are available for bathroom, kitchens or simply according to your tastes in other areas.
  • Wooden parquet. Our top of the range flooring material. Teak wood, red Pyinkado or modern Dark Tinwin.