Flexible Solutions

Movable solutions.

Our modules have standard shipping sizes. They are easy to move with conventional transportation means. Installation or relocation is straightforward: transport, lift, place on support blocks and voila!

You may make permanent changes to the modules or leave them as-is, benefiting from the more permissive land law on temporary buildings. Bigger structures can be quickly disassembled and re-assembled giving you a level of flexibility that conventional building do not offer – don’t loose building investments when you have to relocate.

Flexible transportation - truck
Flexible transportation - train
Flexible transportation - ship
Chronometer 3x faster
3x faster to build

Quick delivery & Cost effective.

Late on your project schedule ? Eager to use your premises as soon as possible ? Our modules are built in less than one third of what it takes to build a conventional building, with a factory-tested high quality standard.

If you have ever managed a construction project in Myanmar you’ll be relieved to be able to count on us to deliver and to forget about low-quality, hidden costs, management of on-site workers, and the considerable resulting delays. And if you never dealt with construction, our products will save you a lot of headaches.

Expandable Modular Architecture.

Unlike standard construction our modules allow you to start building small while thinking big. Modular buildings let you extend your premises later – from new office space to a newborn baby’s room – following your financial resources.

Whether you have a growing family or an expanding business, you don’t need to relocate when you need additional space: you can just add modules and depending on the configuration, we can build up to 4 storey spread out over different periods.

Our modules’ installation requires almost no construction work. Your land stays pristine and there’s no building noise pollution ; the neighbors or nearby wildlife will thank you.

LEGO® style bricks