Quality in every detail.

Each module built at our factory is controlled by our European engineers. Quality control is not an afterthought – there is no room for improvisation: this is the only way we can make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our products.

We spend a lot of time on R&D choosing and testing materials that will last for decades. The containers’ Corten steel and the high quality paints we use are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

European quality stamp
Invite the light, not the heat.

Our modules are transportable and may end up being re-installed in very different climates, so we paid a lot of attention to thermal efficiency to ensure our products will be comfortable to use everywhere – from the hot days of a tropical climate to chilly nights of a mountain weather.

Our designs provide up to 4 heat barriers. The result: plenty of natural light, and a high level of comfort even without air-conditioning.

Thermal efficiency
Harsh Environment Proof.

Our products are virtually indestructible: they are so so sturdy and safe that they are used as earthquake shelters. Each piece of material – hidden or visible – is treated against insects and mold. They will withstand extreme weather conditions and are seaside, city, mountain, and jungle proof with minimal maintenance. Rest or work confidently !

Fire proof
Earthquake resistant
Bug proof