Frequently asked questions​

  • Quick delivery: you can quickly relocate or extend your existing premises.
  • You don’t loose your building investment as you can re-install the modules at another location.
  • High-quality: our modules are built in accordance to European standards and are quality-controled by European engineers.
  • Environment friendly modules with low operating costs.
  • Built in Myanmar – you support the local economy.
Have a look at our Technology and Responsibility pages for more information.
We can study your rental project depending on timing, size and design.
We manufacture 8’x20’ (2,4x6m) modules with a 7.5′ (2,3m) ceiling height and 8’x40’ (2,4x12m) modules with a 7.8′ (2.6m) ceiling height.
If trucks can reach your place, yes. We will assist you if you have any doubt.
Foundation blocks are mandatory when assembling multiple modules. Single modules only have to be raised enough from the ground (1′ – 30cm) to allow for proper ventilation.
It really depends on your location and usage. For temporary usage you should inform the local authorities about your project. For permanent setups a construction permit is probably needed.
Modular projects up to 4 storeys do not require any additional supporting steel structure.
Yes we do through our paneling system (currently only for Modular Pro products). Please contact us for more details.
It is on par with traditional construction but our modules offer much more flexibility.
From as low as a few days to two weeks per module depending on the requested design.
Not necessarily – we can design your facilities depending on your project.