Quality in every detail

Each module built at our factory is controlled by our European engineers. Quality control is not an afterthought – there is no room for improvisation: this is the only way we can make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our products.
We spend a lot of time on R&D choosing and testing materials that will last for decades. The containers’ Corten steel and the high quality paints we use are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.
European Quality

Quick delivery & Cost effective

Late on your project schedule ? Eager to use your premises as soon as possible ? Our modules are built in less than one third of what it takes to build a conventional building, with a factory-tested high quality standard.
If you have ever managed a construction project in Myanmar you’ll be relieved to be able to count on us to deliver and to forget about low-quality, hidden costs, management of on-site workers, and the considerable resulting delays. And if you never dealt with construction, our products will save you a lot of headaches.

Easily Transportable

Our modules have standard shipping sizes. They are easy to move with conventional transportation means. Installation or relocation is straightforward: transport, lift, place on support blocks and voila!
You may make permanent changes to the modules or leave them as-is, benefiting from the more permissive land law on temporary buildings. Bigger structures can be quickly disassembled and re-assembled giving you a level of flexibility that conventional building do not offer – don’t loose building investments when you have to relocate.

Expandable Modular Architecture

Arrangement of Lego® blocks
Unlike standard construction our modules allow you to easily extend your premises later on. Whether you have a growing family or an expanding business, it’s just a matter of adding modules when you need additional space. No more relocation headaches !
Depending on your project’s configuration we can stack up to additional 3 storeys over your existing project. Our modules’ installation requires almost no construction work: your land stays pristine and there’s no building noise pollution ; the neighbors or nearby wildlife will thank you.

Energy efficient: invite the light, not the heat

Our modules are transportable and may end up being re-installed in very different climates, so we paid a lot of attention to thermal efficiency to ensure our products will be comfortable to use everywhere – from the hot days of a tropical climate to chilly nights of a mountain weather.
Our designs provide up to four heat barriers. The result: plenty of natural light, and a high level of comfort even without air-conditioning.
Thermal efficiency
1-Thermal insulation | 2-Reflective coating | 3-Optimized air-flow | 4-Sun screen

Soundproof. Safe.

We’ve built entirely soundproofed recording studios modules with 100% satisfaction from our customers. Most of the technologies and designs involved in those projects are standard in all of our products, allowing our customers to live or work in a quiet environment. Reclaim tranquility and forget about loud neighbourhoods, street sellers and traffic noise !
Safe - lock
Unlike other prefabricated products, the Corten steel structure of our modules make them virtually indestructible. We provide optional strengthened grids, doors and windows openings so you can leave your place unattended without worrying about unexpected guests. Anchoring points for heavy-duty grids are welded at build-time as standard on all our modules so you can always change your mind and buy them later when needed.

Harsh Environment Proof

Our products are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and are seaside, city, mountain, and jungle proof. They are actually so sturdy and safe that they can be used as earthquake shelters.
Each piece of material – hidden or visible – is treated against insects and mold resulting in very low maintenance work despite tropical conditions.
Rest or work confidently !