High-quality bungalows

Our Modular™ Home product range features bungalow-type designs for individuals or the hotel trade, from single module cabins to spacious “L” shaped layouts or fully custom designs.

Product range highlights

New product range ! These modular solutions are an offshoot from our popular Modular™ Building product range, featuring the same craftsmanship, attention to detail and high-quality materials.

Products designs

Indoor area: 14,8 m2 (160 ft2 )

The Cabin - the Cozy Bungalow

The “Cabin” is designed as a comfortable and cozy retreat.
As compact as it comes, it is large enough to hold a mixed living/sleeping area with a king-size bed and a fully functional bathroom with shower, faucet and toilet.
Windows sizes and placement are optimized for a maximum of light without the heat as well as natural ventilation, providing comfortable days and nights even without air-conditioning.
It is perfect for meditation, to accommodate your friends or simply to enjoy a quiet and cool time on the beach or in the mountains.

The Cabin XL - the Hotel Bungalow

The “Cabin XL” is a more spacious version of our original cabin design.
This model holds a full bathroom and a living area with enough space to fit a king size bed + a sofa and a standard desk. The kitchenette (optional) completes the design, making it fully autonomous and suitable for long stays.
The large windows provide a lot of natural light without the heat – with increased natural cross ventilation to keep the bungalow temperate even without air-conditioning.
Perfect for resting after an active day, listening to music and enjoying a beautiful sunset with a refreshment.
Indoor area: 29 m2 (320 ft2 )
Indoor area: 29 m2 (320 ft2 )

The "L" shape - the Perfect Bungalow

Our best-selling design – the true expression of the perfect bungalow – the “L shape” design blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.
The master bedroom is large enough to hold a full size double bed and a beautiful compact bathroom. The living room has plenty of space for a comfortable sofa + TV set perfect for chilling out – as well as dining table and a kitchenette (optional).
The windows and sliding doors are wide and open onto the (optional) exterior decking, allowing you to take your meals or enjoy a drink outside.
The “L shape” is large enough to accommodate four persons with additional beds or a convertible sofa. You will enjoy staying there !

Custom designs

You like our Modular designs but have another design idea in mind? Don’t worry, we are flexible ! We’ll work together on find the custom solution that fits you budget and requirements.