Project: Concorde sawmill’s expat loft and guest house

Product: Modular Building

Summary: Two accommodations for Concorde’s sawmill factory. The first one is an European style loft house for two expats with kitchenette and bathroom, located on the top of the factory. The second one is above an existing 40ft storage container and is used as a temporary guest house for the company’s guests.

Location: Yangon – Bayintnang

Size: 40,5 m2 (436 sqft) & 26 m2 (280 sqft)

Features: Loft house: Dark Tinwin wood parquet, smart LED lamps system, teak wood furniture, European standard integrated kitchenette with exhaust hood, wide sliding windows with double glazing.

Guest house: Pyinkado wood parquet and tiles and small kitchenette. This facility has a very high energy efficiency – one 1HP A/C is enough to cool the whole module.

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