Premium customizable modules

Our Modular Building™ product range targets customers who want all the comforts of home, yet with the advantages of modular construction. Those top-of-the-range modules have plenty of light, modern and energy-efficient designs and many high-quality customization and add-ons to choose from.

Product range highlights

Typical use cases: schools, office space, events, stores, temporary modules, … Our Modular solutions for home & accomodation are now in our Modular™ Home range.

Sample use-cases

The sample use cases below are taken from some of our customers’ projects to showcase various designs and applications. They are obviously for illustration purposes since each project is unique – we will accompany and advise you from the start of your project to its end to make sure the end product matches your needs. You can definitely count on our 10+ years experience to make your project come to fruition, and don’t worry if at first glance your use case doesn’t seem adapted to modular construction: we even have been manufacturing portable recording studios for a well-known foreign broadcaster !
The designs, usages and features are truly endless…


All our modules are manufactured according to European safety and health standards, with no-hazard designs and zero-VOC materials. The classrooms are fire-resistant, earthquake-resistant, and sound-proofed – making them suitable for music teaching.

Office space

Comfortable, easy-to-extend modules, with plenty of light, for a wide range of office applications: offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, reception counters, pantry, …

Events, Stores & temporary modules

Immediate availability on standard modules, with rental available.

Custom Applications

Do you have a project that would benefit from a Modular construction? We are here to help ! There are barely any limitations regarding the usages – we even have built professional recording & dubbing studios…