Turnkey solutions for Professionals.

Our Modular Pro™ product range targets professionals who need heavy-duty solutions. The modules have the same technical features and quality craftsmanship as our Modular Building™ products but make use of more casual but highly wear resistant finish materials. We work with demanding industries and strive to offer a customer service beyond reproach.

Product range highlights

Typical use-cases: construction sites, industry, remote life camps, technical modules, storage, …

Sample use-cases

The sample use cases below are taken from some of our customers’ projects to illustrate various designs and applications. Those are for illustration purposes – we will accompany and advise you from the start of your project to its end to make sure the end product matches your needs. You can definitely count on our 10+ years experience to make your project come to fruition.

Flat pack / folding containers

New product ! Please contact us for prices and availability.
Economical, budget-friendly solutions for projects where modules aren’t subject to harsh/tough environments. The simplest option to install and relocate in no time. Up to 2 storey stack-ability.

Life camp solutions

Our solutions for remote oil & gas exploration, mining production – or any other demanding application – have a high level of comfort, with no compromise on our Customers’ QHSE policy. And best of all, you can rely on our partnership with Pegaz Solutions to provide tasty meals to your employees. We have 100/100 in hygiene inspection controls !

Construction Sites & Industry

We provide turnkey, feature-complete solutions for demanding construction sites and industry plants. All our modules are safety compliant and are easily moved/relocated during or upon completion of the Customers’ project.


We provide immediately available, heavy duty, secured, clean and waterproof solutions for storage use. Our modules are suitable for keeping goods dry or cold – avoiding cold chain breaks.
A positive air pressure ventilation system is available as an option for dust-free, clean storage.

Technical modules

We provide Modular custom solutions for very specific applications. When specialist equipment is required we are able to work seamlessly with other contractors (either designated by the Client, or recommended by us and approved by the Client).